Start Your Business Here

Whether you’re an established company or just starting your first business, there are always questions. Here at the City of St. John’s Business Information Centre, our knowledgeable staff can help find the answers.

We know our way around town and we’d be happy to introduce you to the right people. On a complementary basis, we can connect you to the programs, resources and contacts you need, regardless of what stage your business is at.

We can help you navigate the regulatory process, and simplify your experience with staff that are well-connected with their colleagues across city departments.

The Business Information Centre provides connections to business and financing resources, research, economic data and customized demographic profiles. And if you still have questions, we can also provide:

– General statistics on St. John’s for investors, businesses, residents, and policy makers
– Macro-economic research about industries, demographics, and population
– Presentations on the State of the Economy

You can also visit our Publications page for a copy of Starting a Business in St. John’s, current and previous copies of our Economic Snapshot newsletter and much more business-related information.

Conveniently located at 348 Water Street, the Business Information Centre is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also reach us at 709-576-8107 or to book an appointment or to arrange a video call. Get in touch. We’re here to help.

The Development Team: Here to Help

If you are a property developer looking for help with the development process, contact our Development Team. We’re here to help! The Development Team can provide information on the issues for the development of a specific site and the requirements of the City for the proposed development.

“Meeting with developers or potential applicants helps all involved understand what factors are involved in an application,” said Chief Planner Ken O’Brien. “Developers get to chat with some of the staff who deal directly with applications, which can smooth out the process for all involved.”

The Development Team will meet with individuals, firms or developers who wish to make an application to the City for the development of property. Meetings can be formal or informal, and discussions are confidential and are not disclosed as public information. The goal is to help developers navigate the St. John’s Development Regulations.

“As a developer in the City, we meet with the Development Team at the initial stages of every project as standard practice,” said Keith Noseworthy, PTech, Project Manager for KMK Capital Inc. “The Development Team helps to ensure that the project starts out on the right foot.”

Meeting before you make a formal application can save a lot of time and energy.

The team includes staff from Engineering, Planning and Development, Legal Services and other City Departments, depending on the specific issues.

As for the value of engaging with the Development Team early, Noseworthy says: “The team is very knowledgeable about the City processes and regulations,” They provide guidance on things to consider for the project, the municipal requirements that apply and valuable insights into some of the impediments that a project may have to face.”

If you need further information or would like to arrange a meeting with the Development Team, contact us at

Permits and Regulations

At the Business Information Centre, we can assist you in navigating the regulatory process. Our team works directly with our colleagues across city departments to allow for a more streamlined experience. Talk to us first to get the information you need to launch your venture.

An important first step is to review our A Guide to Municipal Regulations for Business. This guide provides an overview of the regulations, permits, processes, procedures and taxes as they apply to businesses in the City of St. John’s. And as every business is unique, it’s always beneficial to contact us directly at 709-576-8107 or

Entrepreneur Support System

St. John’s offers a strong network of organizations from industry-specific associations, a technology incubator and government institutions committed to developing and supporting entrepreneurs and startups. The St. John’s ecosystem is recognized for its technological excellence, with key start-up organizations including:

Mentorship and/or Training:




Community Groups:


Maker Space:


Coworking Spaces:


Real Estate

From downtown Class A office towers to new energy efficient suburban office space, St. John’s has office and industrial space that’s right for your business.

Average costs in Q4-2023:

  • $34.86 (gross) per square foot of office space
  • $16.43 (gross) per square foot of industrial real estate


The City’s MapCentre provides additional land use planning and zoning information.

Municipal Tax

For all tax information, rates, MIL rates and property assessment FAQs, please check the City’s website here.

Provincial Tax

Source: Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Finance

Newfoundland and Labrador maintains a favourable business tax climate. A number of credits and incentives are designed to encourage economic growth in strategic areas. Visit for additional information.


Corporate Income Tax

General Rate: 15.0%

Small Business: 3.0%

Corporate Capital Tax

General Rate: The province of Newfoundland and Labrador does not impose a general capital tax.

Financial Services: 6.00%

Health and Post Secondary Education Tax (Payroll Tax): Payroll tax, at a rate of 2%, is payable by employers whose annual remuneration in this province exceeds $2.0 million.