The St. John’s Advantage

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Canada’s Ocean City Powerhouse

St. John’s has a long and storied history related to its reliance on and relationship with the ocean. Centuries of experience working in, on and under the cold North Atlantic has advanced this place into a hub city of ocean excellence – with the highest concentration of specialized marine companies operating in any one area across the country. With a focus on ocean tech and innovation, advanced post-secondary and world class ocean research and training facilities, St. John’s has become Canada’s ocean city powerhouse, as the epicentre of the national ocean innovation ecosystem.


Top Value Advanced Education

St. John’s is one of the best places in Canada to attain an advanced education. What makes getting your advanced education in St. John’s so appealing? A reputation for offering superior, top-quality education at globally respected institutions and facilities, complimented by some of the most affordable tuition in Canada. All in a hospitable, inviting and affordable place for post-secondary students to live, study and grow.

Innovation and Technology

St. John’s has a fast-growing pool of innovative startups and tech fueled enterprises. Home-grown innovation success stories, garnishing national and international success, putting St. John’s on the map as a ‘place to watch’ and a “place to be” for testing, launching and growing a tech enterprise. The communications industry started here when Guglielmo Marconi received the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission in 1901!


Creative Arts City

St. John’s is a hotbed of storytelling, artistry and creativity. A core element central to the quality of life in St. John’s, the arts, culture and entertainment scene is now also seen as a catalyst and driver of innovation for the businesses and industries operating here.

Photo Credit: Charlene Denief.

Outdoor Adventure and Balanced Lifestyle

Offering a balanced quality of life in today’s hectic world, St. John’s is a safe, affordable, outdoor adventure hidden gem. Boasting some of the world’s most idyllic interlocking coastal trail systems, this unprecedented access to nature, combined with its safe and affordable lifestyle and strong sense of community are key factors positively impacting life in St. John’s – just ask anyone who lives here!

Photo Credit: J. Penney


Connected Hub City

In St. John’s we foster quick connectivity to industry stakeholders, business networks and government. With nearly 40% of the province’s population, St. John’s metro has grown into a hyperconnected hub for commerce and trade. Getting business done in St. John’s means we have an uncanny ability to bring together key decision makers for swift business collaboration. As a hub city for the province and Atlantic Canada, St. John’s strategic location as the most easterly point in North America positions it as a gateway to major European markets and Canada’s arctic.