There are many advantages to investing in St. John’s, here are just a few.

  • We have a team across all levels of government and industry available to assist rapidly and seamlessly with your investment query or opportunity.
  • St. John’s has a streamlined taxation system that is blended with the municipal property tax system.
  • An abundance of Class-A office space in the downtown core ready to meet any needs.
  • Multiple development-ready industrial parks in St. John’s metro.
  • KPMG’s most recent City Competitiveness Index found that St. John’s ranked 4th among all featured cities for Intangible Factors. Those factors include Ease of Doing business; Innovation and IP protection; Risks and Threats; and Quality of Life. St. John’s performed particularly strong for Ease of Employing Workers and Environment factors.
  • A time zone that allows for easier connections to customers and partners across Europe and North America -3.5 UTC.
  • A city with outdoor pursuits on our doorstop which allows us to have an incredible work/life balance for your company/employees.
  • A compact, easy to navigate metropolitan area with all the advantages and amenities of a much larger city.
  • Some of the most competitive residential property prices in Canada.
  • RO-RO cargo vessels connect St. John’s to Halifax, Montreal and on to the world.
  • Year round, sheltered, ice-free harbour