There are many advantages to investing in St. John’s, here are just a few.

  • We have a team across all levels of government and industry available to assist rapidly and seamlessly with your investment query or opportunity.
  • St. John’s has a streamlined taxation system that is blended with the municipal property tax system.
  • The International Airport (YYT) is within 10 minutes proximity to downtown commercial areas.
  • Year round, sheltered, ice-free harbour.
  • Class A o­ffice space and development ready industrial land.
  • A time zone that allows for easier connections to customers and partners across Europe and North America. Newfoundland Standard Time UTC-3:30 hours.
  • A city with outdoor pursuits on our doorstop which allows us to have an incredible work/life balance for your company/employees.
  • City commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • A compact, easy to navigate metropolitan area with all the advantages and amenities of a much larger city.
  • Some of the most affordable residential property prices in Canada.
  • Province’s capital city, metro population 225,000 (40% of province).
  • Highly educated and talented workforce (72.4% of the workforce holds a post-secondary degree or certificate).