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St. John’s has earned an international reputation for its expertise in offshore energy development and ocean technology. Our focus on innovation, advanced post-secondary, and world leading ocean research and development ecosystem and specialization in cold ocean and harsh environment technologies has established us as a modern-day hub city of ocean excellence.

St. John’s has witnessed an increase in international business activity over the years. Companies like Carnegie Learning, Technip, and Fugro have established their presence in the city, contributing to its economic growth and global connectivity.

Our tech start-up sector is also thriving, and with success stories like the city’s own Mysa, Verafin and Colab leading the way, a new generation of business leaders are finding everything they need to grow their companies and build their lives, right here. With our active and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem and close-knit business community, we can assist new start-ups in building their companies faster and more effectively.

For businesses, St. John’s offers a tremendous advantage for attracting top-tier talent that can play a vital role in creating successful companies, with a well-educated and engaged workforce that enjoys a healthy work-life balance. Now is the time to discover St. John’s and learn why it’s an ideal place to invest, to live and to grow your business.