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St. John’s boasts numerous advantages for people seeking a better quality of living

There are many advantages to living, working, studying and investing in our beautiful and historic city. A city that is artsy, creative and fun, community-minded and increasingly diverse.

For many of us the Covid pandemic changed our priorities, including how we live and where we work. In many large cities across the country, residents are leaving in hopes of finding a better quality of living. They’re moving away from large urban centres to find a sense of belonging, purpose and balance.

By contrast, the St. John’s metro region is experiencing its largest inward migration in nearly 50 years. It ticks a lot of boxes for those seeking something different. When it comes to housing prices, for example, prices continue to soar in major cities, making home ownership nearly impossible for some. In the St. John’s metro area, where the average household income is $85,000* and the average house price is $331,933,** home ownership remains affordable, and it’s a big reason why many young professionals and families are moving to the area. Many are also realizing the quality-of-life benefits that come from working remotely in such a beautiful place.

Add into the mix the people and the land itself. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are famously hospitable and proud of what their province offers, including some of Canada’s most stunning scenery and green spaces. The East Coast Trail is a hiker’s paradise, stretching 336 kilometers and passing directly through St. John’s. There’s also more than 100 kilometers of ocean views and scenic mountain biking trails nearby, creating one of Canada’s top outdoor destinations.

*Median household total income in St. John’s CMA in 2020, Statistics Canada
**The overall MLS Housing Price Index composite benchmark price for homes in St. John’s during the first three months of 2024