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Build a strong future in St. John’s

St. John’s offers many advantages to businesses large and small, including a well-trained, educated workforce, an enticing lifestyle, and a welcoming and increasingly diverse community with a passion for adventure and creativity.

Many companies, specializing in key sectors like energy, technology, oceans, tourism and the fishery, have already recognized St. John’s as an emerging city well worth investing in, including Verafin, a fraud detection technology and anti-money laundering software company that has become a true Canadian success story. Recently purchased for US$2.75 billion, it employs 1,000 employees – the majority of which are located in St. John’s and many are graduates of our own Memorial University.

Our city boasts numerous reasons for businesses to thrive and for workers seeking a better work-life balance. From the average work commute of 15 minutes to the unprecedented access to nature and outdoor adventure, there are many factors that are prompting more people to prioritize the life benefits that come with living outside of Canada’s major city centres.